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Care Instructions


Champlevé or French enamel is an ancient process that we use to create our jewelry. Please take care of your pieces by following a few simple guidelines:

The biggest danger to enamel is cracking from the impact of dropping it on hard surfaces. Please store enamel jewelry in a soft pouch when not wearing to prevent the enamel from sustaining chips or scratches from your other jewelry or other items. Clean your enamel with a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water. Please avoid any contact with sunscreen on your enamel pieces, as sunscreen can alter the color of the enamel over time. Avoid harsh chemicals coming into contact with your jewelry. Apply makeup, perfume and hair spray before putting on jewelry, and do not wear your gold or enameled pieces in a swimming pool. Chlorine can damage gold, causing it to pit or become brittle. Gold pieces can be polished by your local jeweler.